institutions Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) has disbursed funds for Rp6, 7 trillion to the Century Bank on the recommendation of the government and Bank Indonesia. In fact, the House approved funding only Rp1, only 3 triliun.Tidak Commission, the Parliament also asked BPK to audit the bailout process. That’s because before the Parliament on December 18, 2008 has rejected the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) No. 4 of 2008 on the Financial Sector Safety Net (JPSK) as the legal umbrella of the businessman’s bank rescue Robert Tantular it. Century Bank case can not be separated from the issue not pleasant about alleged high-ranking police involvement. Related to the issue at Century Bank had appeared a polemic about the alligator lizard versus between police and the Commission. This is also a separate question mark should be disclosed.


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